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Since 2002, Healthy Plants has been the official representative of Dutch Hortus Supplies International B.V. company, which supplies fertilizers, drip irrigation systems and other greenhouse accessories.

Regulation of solar
radiation and heat
  Drip Irrigation
  Control of the
plant stem growth

ReduSol: ReduSol is the liquid shading product that you can use for applying a homogeneous, wear-resistant shading coat that protects against solar radiation. ReduSol can be applied in both thin and thick coats to glass, acrylate, polycarbonate and plastic film. The greatest advantage of ReduSol is that it can be removed. ReduSol is highly wear-resistant and can be removed easily and safely with ReduClean after the season. Highly resistant to frost and rain, increased light transmission during rain, diffuses light.

ReduHeat: ReduHeat sets itself apart from other, more traditional shading agents due to its different ratio between light transmission and heat reflection. ReduHeat is a coating that contains a special pigment. This pigment has the ability to transmit growth light while increasing the reflection of heat radiation. is highly wear-resistant: one application is usually sufficient for the whole season. Easy to remove with ReduClean. ReduHeat is designed for crops that have high light requirements (rose, alstroemeria, freesia, chrysanthemum, lily, etc.), to create diffuse light accompanied by minimum loss of light for traditionally unshaded crops. (tomato, sweet pepper, cucumber, strawberry, etc.).

ReduClean: After having enjoyed the benefits of ReduSol or ReduHeat for a full season, it is time to remove the product from your greenhouse. You can do this with ReduClean. ReduClean is a cleaning product specifically developed to remove ReduSol and ReduHeat. It can easily be applied to all greenhouse materials: glass, acrylate, polycarbonate and plastic film. After applying ReduClean, rain will be sufficient to remove the layers for a clean result. ReduClean is economical and safe for users.

Drip Irrigation Systems, Hose Pipes, Drippers

Diameter: 22-23mm. Ensure the best plant stem guidance in the production of vegetables and other crops. No longer necessary to keep turning the plant stems along the the twine. The plants are not restricted in their growth, which results in increase in yield and quality. Perfect lock for an easy and efficient use.

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